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For Rowers

Expectations of Athletes:

Rowers must have full registration, waiver, swim test, and registration payment handed in before beginning practice for the season. A swim test must be completed, signed by a certified lifeguard and passed in before a rower can go out on the water. Swim tests can be completed at any pool with a certified lifeguard (ex. Andover/North Andover YMCA or Boys and Girls Club in Lawrence)

Athletes can go to the Andover YMCA on a drop-in basis ONLY after 7pm.

Athletes can also go to the Lawrence YMCA during Lap Swim Hours, no appointment needed.

All athletes must bring their own paperwork and possibly wait until there is an available lifeguard. GLR Swim Test Form

Race Days:

Please anticipate race day to be an all-day event for the athletes.  Athletes will be busy with many responsibilities on race day even though their race is a relatively short part of the long day. Athletes are encouraged to bring schoolwork, or other activities, for the lull between races and loading the trailer.

Clothing & Gear:

Good clothing to wear to practice regularly includes: wicking, close fitting athletic gear (a unisuit or spandex), a hat, socks, sun block, rain gear, & extra layers. Warm/dry clothes to change into after practice are not required but will be good to have on hand. Boys are not allowed to practice without shirts and girls are not allowed to practice in only a sports bra. Good running shoes are an important and should be brought to practice each day. Sandals or flip flops can be good once the team is regularly going on the water, but always have shoes as well. A re-usable water bottle is a must to have at every practice, plastic water bottles are not allowed at the GLR boathouse.

College Rowing and Recruiting:

For guidelines and relevant dates, use USRowing’s Guide to College Recruiting for Rowers and Parents

Nutrition and Sleep:

Here is a great basic guide to daily nutrition for young rowers: Nutrition Resolutions

To Carb or not to Carb, here is the answer: Load Up or Level Out?

Tips for young rowers to eat well: How to Get Young Rowers to Eat for Sport