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2024 Rack Space Rental

Greater Lawrence Rowing offers Rack Space Rental for Private Boat Owners (PBO’s) in its secure outdoor boat rack cage. Annual Rack Space Rental is available on a strictly limited basis for the storage of privately owned Singles (1x) or Doubles (2x / 2-) and specific storage location preferences within the cage are allocated in order of priority, based on time & date of receipt of storage fees.

PBO’s seeking to rent rack space at the GLR Boathouse are required to be a member in good standing of the Greater Lawrence Community Boating Program for the year of rental.

PBO’s are required to agree to, adhere to, and provide a signed copy of the GLR Boat Storage Terms & Conditions, downloadable HERE.

Annual Total $825

Required Annual Membership: $300 – ($100 per season Spring, Summer, Fall)

Annual Rack Space Rental: $525 ($175 per season Spring, Summer, Fall)

Dates: Rack space storage will be available upon commencement of the ‘on-water’ 2023 Spring Season in mid April until the close of season 2022 on November 3rd. Move in will start on April 1st, 2022

Registration for 2024 Rack Space will be opened soon.  If interested in the remaining available rack spaces, please email Rowing Director, Mike Kapp